Terms and Conditions

  • The algae may only be used for decoration and education. They are not intended for consumption: do not drink or eat the algae. For this reason, keep them out of reach of small children and pets. The algae are not dangerous (they are not known to be pathogenic, for example). The growth medium consists of sea water with nutrients and is therefore not suited for consumption.
  • The algae are living organisms and shipping can be pretty stressful to them. For this reason your order will generally be shipped at the beginning of the week, so they won't have to spend the weekend at the post office. If your order is time sensitive, then please contact us at info@bioglow.eu.
  • The algae don't cope well with high or low temperatures, so if the weather is too hot or cold it may be necessary to delay your shipment for a few days. Of course we will keep you updated on this.
  • We guarantee that the algae will reach you alive and well (only within the EU). Occasionally it happens that they die during shipment, for example if it has been too warm or cold. If you think that the algae arrived dead, then contact us within 7 days after you received the shipment. After confirmation we will send you a new batch for free, or we will make it right some other way. Note that for countries outside the EU this guarantee does not apply if the shipment is delayed at the border/customs for any reason (for example if you do not pay import taxes).
  • If you order from outside the EU, then you are responsible for paying any VAT, tariff, duties, import taxes, handling fees, customs clearing charges, etc. These charges are usually collected by UPS on behalf of your government. For more information about these costs, you should refer to your government's customs agency.
  • Please note that since the algae are living organisms, you cannot send the algae back for a refund if you change your mind after your purchase.
  • You must be at least 12 years old to place an order.
  • Privacy: your privacy is very important to us. We only collect data that is needed to correctly process your order, payment and shipment. For payment processing we use Mollie BV, which does not share sensitive information with us (e.g. bank or credit card numbers). For processing the shipment we use SendCloud and shipping companies such as PostNL and UPS. We only provide them with data that is needed for the delivery of your order (e.g. your name, address, phone number). If you wish to view or delete the data that BioGlow Bioluminescence has stored of you, then you can contact info@bioglow.eu.
  • The full version of the Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here (currently only in Dutch): Algemene Voorwaarden